Joint Scavenger Hunt

By Joshua Hart and Lance Smith (2nd period)

Pivot Joints

A camera can only go 180 degrees before hitting the wall, similar to a pivot joint that can only turn 180 degrees.

Pivot Joints 2

A key that enters a keyhole can only turn a certain amount behind being stopped, similar to a Pivot Joint.

Pivot Joints 3

This knob on a Microwave can only be turned until being stopped before a 360, similar to that of a Pivot Joint.

Hinge Joints

This light switch can only bend in two directions, similar to a hinge joint.

Hinge Joints 2

This door's support extends and retracts, similar to a Hinge Joint.

Hinge Joints 3

The lid of this recycling bin can flip open and close, similar to a Hinge joint being able to fold in two directions.

Gliding Joints

This mouse glides against the surface of the table when used, similar to a gliding joint.

Gliding Joints 2

The Calculators cover slides on top of the calculator, similar to that of Gliding Joints.

Gliding Joints 3

The cart glides across the tiles, similar to how gliding joints slide against each other.

Ball and Socket Joints

This fire extinguisher can turn in 360 degrees, similar to a Ball and socket joint.

Ball and Socket Joints 2

This door knob can make a full rotation, similar to a Ball and Socket Joint.

Ball and Socket Joints 3

The pencil sharpener rotates to sharpen pencils, which causes it to move in a full circle similar to a ball and socket joint.