Mesopotamia webquest

Mesopotamia also known as "cradle of civilization"


Mesopotamia was located in Southwest Asia between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. The weather in Mesopotamia was hot and it received little rain. Mesopotamia is called Iran now. Another name for Mesopotamia is the Fertile Crescent it got that name because it is in the shape of a crescent and it has fertile soil. Iran is 7000 miles far from our school.


Civilizations that lived in Mesopotamia a long time ago were the Sumerians, the Akkadian's, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians. There was a Babylonian war leader named Hammurabi and he made a set of laws that were called Hummurabi's code, Hammurabi's code had 282 laws, they were important because it the Babylonians safe.Here are five of the rules:1.If anyone steal the property of a temple or court he shall be put to death and also the one who receives the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.,it means that if anyone steals from a temple or court will be killed and whoever he gives the stolen thing to or got if for someone else they both will be killed.,2.If anyone steal the minor son of another he shall be put to death, it means if anyone kills someone's youngest son the person who killed them will also be killed.,3.If anyone is committing a robbery and is caught then he shall be put to death, it means if anyone is robbing somewhere and they get caught they will be killed., 4.If a son strike his father his hands shall be hewn off,it means that if a son strikes his dad the son's hands will be chopped off.,5.If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out., that means that if a man gets another mans eye out, his eye will be put out to. People in Babylon made a story about a man named Gilgamesh, Once upon a time a long time ago a king named Gilgamesh was sitting out in his garden thinking about how bored he was and he was thinking how he wished that he had something to do for fun so he went to a ziggurat and then the gods noticed that Gilgamesh was sad and bored so they made a man stronger and faster than Gilgamesh then they sent the man to Gilgamesh's village and he roared through the town and scared the people then Gilgamesh and the man started wrestling and knocked down housed and topped over carts then both of them started laughing and became friends and left the city in search of adventure.


Farming wasn't easy in Mesopotamia because it received little rain even though it had fertile soil,so the water levels in the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers depended on how much rain fell in eastern Asia Minor.The people who lived in Mesopotamia ate wheat,barley and other types of grain,they also ate livestock,birds,and fish.Some of the civilizations lived close to water because it didn't rain a lot in Mesopotamia and if it didn't rain their crops wouldn't grow. The steps to farming were, first you have to let the water flood the crop,then you have to break up the soil by plowing,then you have to harrow through the soil to make it smooth,then you have to drop the seeds into the ground,then you water the soil three times,and finally when the crop is ripe you harvest it.


One of the ancient seven wonders of the world were the Hanging Gardens in Babylon, they say that King Nebuchadnezzar built it for his homesick wife,Amyitis.Four inventions from Mesopotamia were writing,the wheel,the plow,and checker.Writing was made first by the Sumerian's it was called cuneiform. The different social classes in Mesopotamia were from most important to least:Ruler,Government,Religious Workers,Skilled Workers, Merchants, ArtisansLower Government and Religious Workers,Construction, Defense,and Entertainment,Peasants (Farmers),and Slaves.In Mesopotamia they had big temples called ziggurats,with steps climbing all the way to the top,were they held formal religious ceremonies.