Journey to Success

Springing Forward

Hats Off to You

Thank you for a wonderful fall semester! 186 students were referred to the program; 25% responded to your inquiry and made contact with the Coach. A small group of JTS Success Coaches and Faculty have endorsed what we believe will be a possible solution, and will hopefully save you time and make your contacts more meaningful! Continue reading for more information.

Faculty: Classroom Visits

As a JTS faculty member, I am requesting that you show this brief 3-5 minute video in your class to introduce students to Journey to Success, your Success Coach or myself will be conducting classroom visits no later than the 1st week in February. Almost 2/3 of our students last semester were self-referrals so I am eager to have more students that desperately need this program more involved. As a faculty member you are the ones who observe student behaviors first hand. Be on the lookout for the following issues and refer these students as soon as possible:
  • attendance
  • missing/late assignments
  • low participation
  • personal concerns
  • lack of materials
  • low grades

You will receive an email from Ashton Hernandez requesting that confirmation of your JTS courses, please confirm or send any updates as soon as possible. Thanks!

Meeting Dates and Communication

Meeting: We will have our first meeting in mid-February, you will be contacted by the Retention Office to determine date and time. Refreshments will be served, SEU's (staff enrichment units) will be provided, and this will be a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge of how to communicate with our students who span several different generations!

Communication: I am going to do my best to make more meaningful contacts with each of you either by phone or face to face. Please feel free to call on me at any time to discuss anything that might be going on with you or your caseload. I will send emails concerning campus events that your students can attend, tips for success, and our past student success stories.

Connecting with Students

To more persistently pursue students as they are referred or refer themselves, the Retention Office will place phone calls to students to match them with a Success Coach. Once we have made a good contact, the student will be added to your To Do List and you may call the student to set an appointment.

If you have not already received a phone call or email to confirm your public email address and or office phone number, you may receive one shortly. This information will be shared with the JTS student(s) that is matched with you.

Our new process of connecting with students will include:
  1. Phone call from Retention Services
  2. Request for student to email office with their concerns/needs
  3. Match student to Success Coach
  4. Success Coach contacts student and meets with student throughout the semester

Success Coach and Faculty Guidelines

Thank you again for your commitment to student success. I know that this program would not have a chance without your time and effort to the JTS student. As a reminder all JTS volunteers should attend meetings and training sessions and respond to emails from JTS students and team members.

Success Coaches
Check your 'To Do List' frequently
Make 3 contacts with student (phone, face to face, email, etc.)
Assist students in identifying strengths and weaknesses

Refer students as soon as you notice an issue
Update the Success Coach and/or Retention Coordinator on the student's progress
Inform students that you are recommending them to the Journey to Success program