Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 30

Math, Science, Social Studies

April 4th - 8th

Welcome back! As nice as the break was, I am happy to be back! We have a lot planned for this week as we approach the IOWA test next week.

The room moms have sent information out asking for help with classroom snacks for our daily IOWA snack breaks. Please check to see if anything is needed. (Mini water, fruit, other nutritious snacks)

IOWA test dates: April 11-15

I am sending an envelope home today with your child. Please write an encouraging note for him/her to read before taking their test next week. Please send it back in the envelope as soon as possible so that I can be sure each child has a note to read before the test Monday. The deadline to send back is this Friday. Do not let them read it!

I will be out of town this Friday and Amanda Wooten will be here with the class! They will take the +9 quiz and will work on nonstandard units of measurement activities as well as work on Excel.

Test Schedule

Tuesday, April 5th
Chapter 16 - Subtraction
Excel Test 10

Friday, April 8th
+9 Addition Facts


Due on or before April 8th

Math 17.1 - 17.4
+9 Addition Facts


This week we will be working on Unit 7: Measurement with Chapter 17 lesson's on Length and Weight. Use the link below to practice if needed.

We will be working to master +9 math facts with minute math drills. Practice at home as well as working on Rainbow Math as the goal was to be finished with the set soon.

Science and Social Studies

Our science / social studies time will be used to practice skills for the IOWA test next week.
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