U.S. Declares War on Germany

Ancient America, 1914


Militarism: using military force as a foreign policy.

"We have to make the world safe for democracy!" -every president ever

Everyone is trying to use all their forces to scare and control so let's put out foot in the door!

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*That SINKS!

After SEVERAL American cruise liner ships sinking incidents America was fed up with damage costs and unsuccessful shipments. The Sussex Pledge said that the Germans would give warnings to the ship before bombing them. The U.S. was trying to get rid of the blockade.

Alliance System

Our allies need more than money for support! This small feud escalated quickly into a WORLD War!

Let America tip the balance of power to the Triple Alliance rather than the Triple Entente!

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America was claiming neutrality in the war but we were overwhelmingly supporting the Allies. We sent money and more money and exports and more money towards them than anyone else.


Competition. Who doesn't love a good war?

Other countries are trying to take control and power without other's consent!

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*The Zimmerman Note

The Zimmerman Note suggested that a German-Mexican alliance to restore Mexican Possessions. The U.S. didn't like that a country so close to them was offered into war and they knew that we were being pushed in anyways.


Nationalism: Love for your country.

"We want YOU!"

Are you willing to sacrifice your lives for your country? Don't let American, the brave, back down from a fight.

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*Russian Czar Removed from Power

Once Czar was removed from power, it was just one more justification for the Americans to get involved. It was democracy vs autocracy.