By: Kelsey Mead

Tiger Spirit

This peice was my First peice i made in Ceramics 1 my freshman year of high school. I used the slab method to build the body handel and decorations. I glazed this peice with a shiny white and dark brown.

Simple unique

This peice I made in Ceramics 1 my freshamn year of high school. I used the coil method to build the base and the slab method for the handel, lid, and decoration. I glazed this piece with glassy green and brown.

Reproduction of "A pair of shoes" by Van Gogh

Van Gogh orginal painting was done with Oil Paints. The reproduction was made with Oil Pastels. I did this for Advanced Art my eighth grade year. The project was a "Favorite Artist" project.

Starry Night twist

I took Van Goghs idea and changed it up by adding my own twist. I used oil pastels and carcoal. I did this project on my own time.

Perfect square

Reproduction of Robert Indiana "LOVE" sculpture.

Razorback Face

Cubic Flower

Bentonville Square Photo opp

The three photos of the Bentonille water tower, a statue, and Walton,s 5-10 were pictures I took to enter in a contest oppertunity for my Advanced art class my eighth grade year.