Why are beavers a Canadian symbol

By: Nya Banks


This product is on Canadian identity. Some people think of iglues, and the maple leaf ( my mom ) when they hear the word Canada, but I like beavers. So Today I am going to be telling you guys about beavers, the fur trades, and other cool facts. If you have an questions, feel free to ask at the end of this presentation. to get my information I had to look at something I knew had to do with beavers which was the fur trade.

fur trade

The fur trade is a big part of Canadian history. Its important because it was one of the main reasons the European and French settlement. The fur trades started in the 19th centurie,when to fishermen from Europe spotted aboriginal people nearby newfouldland ( newfouldland got its name because it was a new found land) how we're very desperate to trade with them. There offer was 2 beaver skins for some medal goods ( like a dagger, knife, pots ext. ). When the European fishermen got back to Europe, they sold it in the market for lots of money. That's when the fur trade started.

As the years went by, people wanted the beaver skins more and more because they were really durable, water prufe, warm and soft. People started making hats and coats with the beaver skin. Any way there was such a craze for beaver skins that queens spent thousands of dallors to have the best fashion. with that money European people spend tones of hours to going to Canada. when they arrived they started trading near the sea shores and made there way up the the lands. as they traveled though the land Charles the 2end clamed Hudson bay as there land and that's how the Hudson bay company got its name.


that topic has covered most of my question but I still wanted more information so I decided to get more information on a beavers life style, so I can understand my question more clearly.

fun facts on a beavers lifestle

-there are 2 types of beavers

-beavers are the second largest rodent in the world

-beavers see in the dark

-beavers never stop growing there 2 front teeth

-beavers make dams to protect them selves from predators

-there were once 60 million beavers in Canada but due to hunting there are now around 12 million

-beavers have good smelling, hearing, and touch, but bad sight

-beavers use there tale to communicate if there in danger

-beavers are slow runners and fast swimmers

-beavers are vegetarians

-beavers are about 3 feet tall and weigh about 25kg

-beavers live about 25 years

other questions i learned

other questions i learned in in my reacherch is:

1. Why is parts of the ingland and france flage in each one of canadas and provences and teritorys flag?

Because france and European people ( that live in france and ingland ) found that provence or tarritorise.

2. why do people think Canadians like to trade?

because European people traded with the aboriginal people.

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