Maddie Skopin

EDEE 403

About Me

I have many reasons as to why I want to be a teacher, but for me the most important one is that I believe in the importance of creating a fun and inviting classroom environment for students to learn in. Throughout my years in school I have had way too many bad experiences that soured my overall thoughts, perceptions and attitudes toward school and learning in general. Yet instead of letting that get the best of me I decided in college that I can and needed to be a positive influence in the school system and provide the best learning experience for students as I could.

Mini Bio:

- I'm 22 years old

-I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio

-I have an older brother

-I'm a huge animal lover and grew up with lots of animals (for most of high school my family had 3 greyhounds and 8 cats)

-My parents live in Greenville, SC now and I live in downtown Charleston

-I met my boyfriend down here but he grew up with me and went to my high school in Cincinnati . I had a huge crush on him in 5th grade....and he never really noticed me throughout school. We've been together for 3 years now and have a miniature pinscher.

1 weird fact about me:

I was vegetarian for 4 years when I was younger