Types of antique and vintage table

Types of antique and vintage table lamps

Table lamps are the simplest type of lamp, but they are often designed creatively and artistically. Their shapes and designs are often rich with intricate details. Whether it’s a wood lamp or vividly colored Dragonfly lamps, the most sought-after lighting systems are vintage table lamps. Let’s see the different types of vintage table lamps:

Art-Deco lamps: These lamps are inspired by Victorian-era designs and styles. These lamps use simple geometry and have aerodynamic form.

Dragonfly Lamps: Late 19th to early 20th century was marked by the Art Nouveau movement. This period placed more emphasis on flowing lines rather than simple geometry. Dragonfly lampshades evolved during this period. They combine earthy tones and the refined structure of the dragonfly's wings, which turn this lamp into a real piece of art.

Victorian Lamps: These lamps are characterized by excessive decoration with beading, stained glass and fringes. All the decorations and styles over these lamps are inspired by Victorian period.

Mission Lamps: ‘Mission Style’ emerged towards the end of the Victorian era. The style of mission lamps is simple as they are mostly made by using natural materials and are characterized by horizontal and vertical lines.

Argand Lamps: The Argand lamp was named after its inventor, Aimé Argand. Though, previously, these lamps were just used to provide enough light for doing particular task, but later on Argand lamps were manufactured in a great variety of decorative forms.

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