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Hello...Goodbye February!

Happy February! February tends to be a hard month for educators and students! However, FISD staff continues to carry the momentum of January through to another month. Read about how our students are being given great opportunities to learn and grow! Thank you for your hard work!


Cindi Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Medical Microbiology

Medical Microbiology students are using their Gram staining and microscope skills to determine the morphology and cell type of an unknown bacteria. They will then plate the bacteria on a growth medium to observe colony characteristics. Medical Microbiology gives students a better understanding of bacterial diseases, how they spread, and how they can be prevented. Students can use these skills in a nursing, laboratory, or other medical field upon graduation.

Willow Bend PreK

The Willow Bend Pre-K Dual Language students utilizes the big screen projection device to engage students in interactive lessons and handwriting activities through the use of technology.

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Miss Dunn's Oak Ridge 5th Graders

Students in Katie Dunn’s 5th Grade Social Studies class at Oak Ridge Elementary have a great time learning about US History through the use of their Studies Weekly papers. Miss Dunn, one of FISD’s first-year teachers for this school year, works daily to inspire her students to learn using critical thinking skills and a variety of cooperative learning strategies. Not only is she helping her students develop a passion for social studies, Miss Dunn is also helping them lay a foundation of good citizenship and inter-personal skills.

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Sending Birthday Joy to Oklahoma!

Sending Birthday Joy to Oklahoma!

Ms. Dunn’s fifth grade students at Oak Ridge Elementary recently wrote birthday letters to Recil Troxel, a World War II Veteran, who will soon be 93 years old. Mr. Troxel, who lives in Oklahoma, is currently undergoing cancer treatment. His daughter shared that receiving mail brings him such joy that she requested letters and cards be sent to him. The Oak Ridge fifth graders wrote kind and uplifting words to this hero!

Oak Ridge Coders

Shana Keeton, 3rd grade ELAR teacher at Oak Ridge, is using to teach her students critical thinking and coding skills. Mrs. Keeton shared the website with a small group of students and allowed them time to explore. After a few minutes, her students had mastered the coding process and shared their skills with other students. The students are now exploring the elements of creating settings, characters, and action through code. Great job, Oak Ridge Coders!

Think Time!

Fifth grade students at Westwind engage in discussion about the rotation of the Earth on its axis causing night and day and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. Students in Haley Kirk’s class easily identified position A and position C (see diagram below) as daytime and nighttime respectively. Students were then asked to determine where they should label sunrise and sunset based on the rotation of the Earth. Before answering, students were provided with “think time” and an opportunity to justify their thoughts with their table group. Peer discussions are powerful because they engage ALL students in talking and thinking about content. Great job!

Three Dimensional Models

Keri Mosley, 7th grade math teacher at Terra Vista Middle School, created three dimensional models to help students understand the concept of volume. Using concrete objects to make a life size model helps connect students thinking to this abstract concept. This inquire activity helps to foster students in authentic learning experiences to help develop the understanding of the formula.