What's Hidden Behind the Propaganda

By: Laura Nusekabel


In these images one can see the clear use of propaganda. In the first photo 3 young women can be seen on their way to the train meant to take them to an internment camp. Regardless of this all 3 women seem to be extremely happy and almost excited. A photo like this was used to show the American people that this was how the Japanese- Americans left. Also to assure them that everything was all fine so they would disregard the issue. In reality though many Japanese did not leave as happily as shown in the picture. They taken away from their homes and their communities to a camp almost like prison just because of their background.

In the second photo on the right a Japanese- American woman smiles looking joyful as an American guard checks her luggage with a stern face. This photo was used to show the Americans that even though processes like this had to be done the Japanese-Americans did not mind, in fact it appeared that they were enjoying themselves. In both these photos the happiness is almost overdone to the point where it is hard to believe.

The Truth

This photo shows the reality of how the Japanese-Americans were treated and what they faced. In the photo someone has written "No Japs Wanted" all over this family's home most likely while they were away at internment camp. These Japanese- Americans were forced to go away to an internment camp, stuck there inside a fence until the Americans decided they could go. When they were finally able to return, they returned to a house that was not the same as the home they had left.
One can only imagine how hard this must have been for the victimized people. Some of them even returned homeless with nowhere to go because the Americans had robbed them of their lives. In addition when most of them returned they were unable to find jobs because many places would not hire Japanese- Americans.