Popular stuff in the 50s

Some of the pop culture in the 1950s era

The Tv dinner

In 1953 the TV dinner was invented. The TV dinner was most popular in the early and mid 1950s. The TV dinner is a frozen prepared packaged meal that only requires heating before serving. When women started working they did not have much time to cook a homemade meal for their families so instead they just heated up a TV dinner.

Women and work

Why did women just start working? Well, women were not treated equally in the early years in the as time went on their rights started to expand. Women were introduced to jobs, voting rights, drivers licenses, and more. Most women stated working in the 50s because of the Korean War.

Some of the popular toys in the 1950s

New music

Popular music

Rock and roll was invented in 1955 by Chuck Berry. It was mainly the youth music of the century when Elvis Presley came along. Elvis Presley is known as the king of rock because he was introduced in the beginning of rock and people favored his style