Traveling to the Midnight Zone

by Anja Schrag


Where exactly is the Midnight Zone?

The Midnight Zone isn't located in the specific place. It is the bottom of the ocean, which makes it very convenient to get to!

What animals are down there?

The Midnight Zone has a variety of exotic animals, such as anglerfish, fangtooths, gulper eels, and more.

What's in the Midnight Zone besides animals?

There are many interesting geological aspects in the Midnight zone. One of those is a hydrothermal vent, which is basically an underwater geyser. Unfortunately, there are no plants because there is no sunlight.

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Important things to Know

average temperature: 35 degrees Fahrenheit

average pressure: 11,000 lbs per square inch

What to Pack

If you've never been to the Midnight Zone, then it's hard to know exactly what you'll need. This list will tell you what you want to bring and what you want to leave at home.

  • A submersible. These can be rented at many sports stores.
  • Oxygen and diving equipment
  • Warm clothes
  • Flashlights
  • Net to catch samples
  • Camera (to capture treasured memories)
  • Food
  • Something to keep you entertained
  • Any other necessities
*Don't over pack! Submersibles have limited space*

All About Science

  • A resource of the Midnight Zone are mineral build ups on the sea floor.
  • Upwelling is when the deeper, cooler water wells up and displaces the surface water. This affects the Midnight Zone because it is made up of the deeper water.
  • There aren't any invasive species in the Midnight Zone because not many animals can withstand the pressure down there.
  • Humans don't really affect the Midnight Zone because few people travel there.
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Have fun on your travels!