Robots That Can Change Our Lives

By: Julia Moulin

Amazing Robots

Have you ever wondered if there will ever will be robots that could help us do things in our everyday lives? Well there is. Now robots are starting to appear helping us with finding new information about volcanoes and help us in our hospitals. They are even helping people in farms by just picking fruit and vegetables. It is amazing how much these robots can do. Soon we will be having friend robots! In this chapter you will be learning about these incredible robots.

The Hospital Robot

Mr. Gower is one of the robots that is very helpful. He might just look like a small cabinet on wheels but this robot can do amazing things. His job is to travel through the hospital helping nurses and doctors with medicine. He carries the medicine in his drawers which nurses and doctors can unlock to get the medicine inside. Also he can even go up and down stairs and talk! In the text it says, “It has been programmed to say hundreds of phrases like “Calling elevator” or “Your delivery is here.” (Lucas Langley) He reduces the time doctors, pharmacists, and nurses spend walking around the hospital when they could be doing more productive things. He is battery powered and if you charge him for only two hours he can deliver medicine for twelve hours. Everyone loves him!

The Farming Robot

Agribots are very useful to farmers. Agribots are able to pick apples, oranges, berries, and grapes. Many farmers are interested in these robots for their own farms. The agribots came come in every shape and size for any job. These incredible agribots can sense when fruit is ripe and they will pick it. They also can sense what a plant needs. For example, more water or sunlight. They are dependable and tireless so it makes them a great tool. Soon they will be able to do increasingly complex jobs.

The Search and Rescue Robot

Gemini Scout is a very important robot. She is a search and rescue robot that works in underground mines. She is about two feet tall and is capable of going up and down stairs. Even through water! She might be small but she is extremely strong. She is capable of pulling an injured person to safety. She also collects information about what types of gases are in the air, then report if the air is safe or not. She uses a thermal camera which can locate heat energy to produce images that help find miners underground. She is also easy to use. In the text it says, “This robot was built to be easy to use because its remote control operates like a remote control used for many video games.”(Lucas Langley)

Robots In The Future

As you can see Agribots, Mr.Gower, and Gemini Scout are incredible robots that can change our lives for the better. Soon these robots will be all around us. Can you imagine? Some of these robots can help us find cures to some of the diseases we have been trying to cure. They could be our key to success. Are you ready for the future?