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Career Day is fast approaching. Career Day is Thursday, May 19th from 8:00 to 10:30. We will have many different speakers from different career fields that will be coming to speak to our students..

April's Guidance Lessons focused on Personal Safety

April's Guidance Lessons focused on personal safety which included uncomfortable and comfortable touches, getting help, stranger danger, good secrets and bad secrets, different kinds of abuse and that 93% of certain abuse happens with people that you know, and media and peer pressure.

Mrs. Wilson and I followed a curriculum given to us by the district office. If you have any questions regarding more detail about what was discussed please feel free to contact us.

Page Jordan 821-3311 or

or Amy Wilson 821-3310 or

Below is the letter we sent out to all parents before we started our lessons in April.

We just found out that the curriculum is under revision for next year.

Lexington County School District One

Information about Erin’s Law for Elementary Parents/Guardians

February 9, 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Section 59-32-20(B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws was amended June 2014 (H.4061, Act 293) after the passage of Erin’s Law, named after childhood sexual assault survivor, Erin Merryn. The purpose of Erin’s Law is to teach students how to stay safe, to tell if someone touches them inappropriately, to decide who will touch them and what touches will be allowed or not allowed, and to learn what parts of their bodies are private and should not be touched.

This section of the law already requires school districts to have a Comprehensive Health Education program. The passage of Erin’s Law added the requirement that districts annually provide age-appropriate instruction in sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention to all students in four-year-old Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Experts estimate that one in four girls and one in six boys have been sexually abused before their 18th birthday. In other words, a regular classroom could have between four to six students who have been violated in some way and who may have never had any information on inappropriate touches, what they are, and that these touches are wrong.

In elementary schools, the elementary school counselors will provide lessons aligned with the South Carolina Academic Health and Safety Education standards.

Lexington County School District One used the guide provided by the State Department of Education as it selected its curriculum components, as well as, the scope and sequence of instruction. Instructional units are not written as stand-alone units. Instead, each lesson builds on the previous lesson or lessons.

In third grade, students review information from kindergarten to second grade. In fifth grade, students review the information from third and fourth grades. Parents, of course, may review the course curriculum and lesson plans.

If you have any questions concerning Erin’s Law, the course instruction or materials, please contact either your school counselor, or Zan Tracy Pender (803 821-1052).


Zan Tracy Pender

Zan Tracy Pender

Director of School Counseling