Where I stand

These are a few issues our provincial government deals with

Health Promotion & Sport

There is an obesity pattern starting in Markham with we need to get ahold of now! People need to get and take better care of their health while being active! The town of Markham should take on a greater attention towards it. Organizing sport events and opening healthier restaurants will help in the city or Markham. Things need to change and the change needs to start now.
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In Markham there are lots of open great school but how do we know which ones are really helping all the children. Every child learns in a different ways. There should be more teaching strategies being using in school class rooms. This means the teachers have to learn to teach in different ways. School bored and town on Markham need to get on this and start organizing teacher work shops to help them help the children. It is changing the education of the future.
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Divorce is more common them most people would hope for now a days. But what people don't think of in the the situation is the Chiltern's right. The city of Markham need to promote and get the word out more about companies and non-for profits like lawyers for children. When kids can be represented in family problems such as divorce. Children have rights too.
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