The Three Majors

By: Hannah Albright

Zeus,Hera,and Poseidon

Zeus was king of the gods and his queen was his wife Hera. Hera was the protector of women. Poseidon was the ruler of the seas. Zeus was famous in the world of Greek mythology because of his lightning bolt and thunder. Hera was didn't trust Zeus her husband. He would sneak of with mortal women behind his back and have children with them.Poseidon was also know for making earthquakes and he was the creator of horses. Zeus had a daughter named Athena and she was born from inside Zeus head. Hera would also strike fear into mortal women if they called themselves prettier than she was ,


Zeus was an unfaithful husband to Hera. He would always find some way to keep her distracted so he could sneak off and be with mortals. Then he always would end up eith a tone of children that were half god and half human.



Hera didn't like Zeus running off with other women so she sent i 10 eyed monster to watch Zeus. Once Zeus found out he was very angry with Hera. so he sent his son Hermes to kill the monster.


Poseidon was the ruler of the seas and of earthquakes and also creator of horses. He was sometimes a very angry god.He would get mad very easily being the god earthquakes. His sacred animal was a half-horse and half-snake and they pulled his golden chariot.