Sustainable Celebs

Leo Decaprio

Ranked at the best Hollywood Green boy Leo Decaprio takes a stand on a sustainable environment. From his global warming document to his "green" NYC condo. Leo acts like a leader for the world protecting our environment.
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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz taking a stand for the green environment. Filming a TV show called "Trippin" Played on MTV was all about taking a plastic home to making it eco-friendly. She drives a car in which is better for the environment and releases only Carbon.

Brad Bitt

When Brad isn't busy adopting a new child he spends his time protecting our environment. He started a "green building project" in New Orleans which was a great success. Quite a trendsetter you are Brad.
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Orlando Bloom

Bloom has been on a challenge when you have a certain amount of showers and only use a small amount of water. Girlfriend Miranda Kerr says "I am so happy Orlando is doing this yet he really doesn't smell very nice".