What's Relevant?

The Weekly Newsletter for Relevant Academy

Chemistry and Math Help Wednesdays and Fridays

Do you need some help in one of your math, chemistry or physical science classes? You can sign up for a tutoring session with Matt. To do this go to http://goo.gl/NNWvj and sign up for a 30 minute tutoring block. If there is a certain area of any of these subjects that you are having trouble with, let Matt know at mmontney@relevantacademy.org what you need help on. If enough people are having trouble in similar areas, he will do a reteaching of the material to better help you understand. (There may even be some videos of explosions from YouTube if it is the right topic...)

Great Job!

The following learners completed at least 80 activities last week!
Your hard work and commitment to making your education a priority is awesome!
Keep up the good work :)

Skyler H. Scott H.

Courtney S. Raegan T.

Ryan W. Bryant C.

Taylor J. James L.

Joshua P. Drew K.

Caitlyn B.

Halloween Trick or Treat

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Halloween Trick or Treat, great. It was wonderful to see our students and their families together having fun. A special thanks to Katelyn Trowbridge for taking pictures for this event and the local services who donated time and goodies.

Staying Organized

The iPad has lots of great features and one is the calendar option. This calendar can help you remember and keep track of events and help you schedule work times. Below is a video on how to use your calendar, but if you need help feel free to contact Stacey at sschuh@relevantacademy.org.
iPad Calendar