Internet & Social Media Safety

A guide to being safe on the internet and on social medias.

Social Medias

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and platforms that expose people to being public and if people post pictures, information, and/or their locations they should think twice about being public because people from all over the world can see it and they can stalk them. Like for example if they post a post saying: "Going to _____ tonight and I probably won't get a ride home!" And they post the location then things could happen. A stalker can show up out of nowhere and do something towards them so that's not safe.
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Explicit Sharing

People should never send explicit photos to people that they don't know very well and especially with their face on it or their face in general...Because things could happen, the other person could use those photos against them and blackmail, photo shop, tons of crazy things that could make things extremely hard for them; that could lead to thoughts of suicide/doing suicide, hopelessness...sadness.

So people should not do things like that and be smart about what they do online.

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Parents should be wise and block things on the web and social medias before hand if they don't want their children/child to learn things that could change and ruin them forever. But learning and knowing things on the web without the blockage is destined on a person. But it's always the type of character. It always relates to the character if they're going to do bad because of the things on the internet or get away from that or is careless of it and is still their normal self. If they're smart enough to know what and what not to do.

But carelessness now is normal. There's barely blocking on the parent's part...I don't think... I think it's few. So their children/child will learn things and just it can end bad, good, or normal depending on the child--children...

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Telling an Adult/Authority

If you are having trouble online because you're being cyberbullied or something is making you uncomfortable and is bothering you then you should always ask an adult or authority for help and if you think that you have done something wrong and you don't want the adult to help then you should always put that thought aside, you can't handle things on your own. If you think you can you can handle it yourself but if you can't and you feel hopeless you can use an asking website or google tips, but if you can't find anything then always ask an adult or authority for help.
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You should never give away your password on any social media form and don't trust a person you don't know well to keep your phone and electronics, they could ruin things and cause serious trouble. If you give away your password because someone online convinced you to then the person can ruin your accounts and post things that you don't post yourself. Or delete the things you post. People can secretly be really nasty and fake it till they make it.
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