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Molina Makes the News!

Campus Action Plan

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Model Campus

District wide, Molina High School has re-established our campus as The Premier School on the Hill. As word traveled of our 7 distinctions, the curiosity increased. Not only have other DISD schools made their way here for learning walks, but Molina staff have also been asked to share with another school district what great things have made the difference for our students. You, as a staff, have discovered how to create a path for at-risk students that leads to greatness. Never give up; the difference you make today could determine our future.
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Teachers attend Kagan Cooperative Structures Training

Goal: Engage students and raise test scores with teacher-friendly strategies you can implement tomorrow! In this workshop, you'll experience cutting-edge teaching structures to create classroom success now and forever! In addition, you'll learn management tips, how to form effective teams, strategies for creating a cooperative class through teambuilding and classbuilding, and why cooperative learning produces gains when group work often fails. Finally, a class that has practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory.

We look forward to our representatives sharing the great teaching tools they gained during this staff development.