Students' Reading Motivation

by Tracee M. Pearson

Primary Informational Text

This is a webinar presented by Dr. Judy Willis. I learned several things about motivating students in the area of reading: 1. When students enjoy free voluntary reading, they improve in all literacy areas, 2. Patterns are important in persuading students to read. You gain buy-in from students when a text is enjoyable to read, & 3. Use the 'Here Me Know' approach. Here Me Now means what will this information offer me here, at this present time. I did not like the graphics in this webinar and felt they could have been improved- especially with all the current technology tools available today. The pacing was ok. The information presented was useful to me because I teach in an elementary setting.

Secondary Informational Text

Here are additional resources that support the content presented in the webinar:
* This video describes several motivational strategies that may be used in the classroom, such as: 1. Motivation is key in order for learning to occur, 2. You can change motivation; it is not fixed, 3. Teachers can increase motivation by the signals they receive from students.

** This video suggests the following tips for motivating students to read books instead of playing video games. The main tip is model good reading habits by reading books in a comfortable place. A second tip presented is take children to the library to look for a good book. The main point here is to have students check out books on topics they are most interested in (such as pets or sports). One surprising suggestion is to allow children to watch a movie that is related to a book they are reading so they can make comparisons between the two.

*** Best practices for research-based tips are presented. Tips: Students can spend a few minutes daily reflecting on how reading material relates to their lives, teachers can assist in choosing reading genres for students, reading endurance may be improved with a set time for reading everyday, students should have a choice in what they read. Students are more motivated when they can share what they are reading with others. Good stuff!

Increasing Student Motivation - Full Video
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Keys to Reading Motivation

Reading is fun!!!

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