Land Use in Germany

How can you help?

What has Germany done Wrong?

Germany is building lots of coal power plants, closing nuclear power plants and not doing a lot to reduce the amount of carbon they use. less solar energy was hitting the earth which meant that less water was being evaporated Leaving water to flow into rivers.

Nitrogen Oxides is emitted during fuel combustion from transportation, industrial facilities. etc. which can affect your liver, lungs, spleen and blood.

Carbon monoxide from transportation, businesses, households and industry this can lead to problems with your nervous system, heart disease, dizziness and fatigue. Huge industries harm our environment and air enough, we don't need to add on to it!

What can Germany do to help reverse the problem

When cars aren't needed, people can walk or ride bikes, or carpool. Recycling is a must! Conserve energy, when people aren't using electricity turn things off, wash clothes with warm or cold water, not hot. Choose not to smoke in your house, especially if you have kids, Go to Walmart and buy a big water bottle, you'll never need another case of water. Keep our earth clean, not because you have to, but because you want too!

Other things Germany can do to fix their problems

More and more wind turbines are turning in Germany, and solar panels are sitting in the sun, yet the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases emitted by smokestacks increased last year.

Germany's largest energy provider is a coal-fired power plant.

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