Closed for the Season

Book by- Marry Downing Hahn. Summarized by- Emma Laundrie

Closed for the Season, By: Marry Downing Hahn

Closed for the season is a book about two kids that become friends, decide to look for the money that had been hidden away for a long time. They go through many challenges and meet a lot of people on the way, and some of the people they meet aren't the best. They learn new things and learn their own strengths and weaknesses one this journey.

Why I recommend you to read Closed for the Season, Is because it is a great mystery, and if you like a bit of a scare, you would love all of her books. They are good for a lonely night by yourself, they will give you a good scare!

Closed for the Season, By: Marry Downing Hahn, Summarized By: Emma Laundrie