Mental Health Disorders: The Truth

Annie Nitzsche

Depression is just a feeling; you can snap out of it if you try hard.

Everybody has times where we are sad and we want to shut the world out for a while but not in cases with severe depression. Symptoms of depression have to be present for more than two weeks and they must be there everyday. Your daily activities, sleep, eating, and energy are affected.

Depression only occurs when bad things happen.

Wrong. People with depression could feel helpless everyday. It wouldn't matter much if they just got a new puppy. The chemical imbalance in the brain doesn't just happen when a bad thing happens.

Post partum depression is an excuse women use for being bad mothers.

10% of women are affected by Postpartum depression within a year after giving birth because they have just spent 9 months with a growing human in their bodies going through many changes and chemical, emotions, and physical imbalances. And after it is all over, their mental state is changed and their bodies have to adjust back to normal.

There's nothing you can to to treat depression.

There are a couple different forms of therapy, medications, and mood elevators to help. Depression is hard to handle but definitely treatable.

Antidepressants and lithium can help anybody with a mood disorder.

Lithium works very effectively, but not for everyone. Sometimes peoples depression is too much for lithium. Antidepressants work well too, but again not for everyone.

There are no outward signs of depression.

False... You will notice that someone has a depressed mood nearly every day, diminshed interest or pleasure in any or all daily activities, weight gain or loss, insomnia or hypersomnia, fatigue or loss of energy, etc. for more than two weeks.

Having mania is fun.

Mania is not always fun. When someone is in the manic state, they will be having fun but being manic can be dangerous. That person can spend all of their money and not feel a twinge of doubt, or they can severely hurt themselves or someone else.

No one hallucinates while suffering from a mood disorder.

Hallucinations aren't a huge symptom but they do definitely happen. People can hallucinate when they are manic, or depressed.

Everyone who has bipolar disorder experiences the disorder in the same way.

The moods can range from clinical depressed, to mania multiple times a year and not in any specific time frame. Not everybody with bipolar disorder has the same time schedule, or the same mania/depressed feelings. Just like how everybody is unique.

Only people suffering from depression are suicidal.

Wrong. Some people don't have to be diagnosed with depression to feel suicidal. People with a different personality disorder can feel that way too. Such as borderline, or maybe antisocial.