Technology - Fall Fun Night

November 21, 2013

Mission For Tonight

•To share eSchool access with you
•To share My Big Campus with you
•To share educational, fun websites to motivate your child
Shafer Shark Creed

Parent Conferences - November 26th and 27th


Reinforcing at Home With Videos

Learn Zillion

Is your child having difficulty with a math or language art concept? Does your child need some review on a concept? Instead of playing MIndcraft, explore some educational videos.

  • Video lessons and assessments.
  • Each lesson highlights a Common Core Standard

Khan Academy - You Can Learn ANYTHING . . .for FREE!

Khan Academy
Tons of videos for instruction and flipping

How To Videos . . .

Watch - Know - Learn
Free educational videos - categorized by subject area

Study Aids

Online Flashcards - Students LOVE This!

Students create interactive study cards for ALL subject areas. Search the "stacks" for review lessons and activitis.

Breaking Down Concepts!

30 Free Account - Worth the exploration
Graphical concept maps show how ideas connect

Improving Vocabulary

Grade level words with pictures and audio

Shafer Library Resources

Use this link to access all of resources available to your children. They are familiar with these links. Sign out eBooks!

My Big Campus

Here's a way to organize all of your resources. Brian Allen is a master!


Motivational Posters

Printable motivational posters

More Photo Collages
-Quick and easy collage maker

VERY Popular Photo Editor
-Super easy photo editor with lots of free effects


No log in required. Just upload pictures. Pick a shape or a word and download.

Visual Poetry

Language is a Virus
Creative use of words

Using Words to Create - Tags

Word Mosaic - Upload words, select a design, and save!
LOTS of fun things to try :)
Copy and paste words or type in words. The more times you type a word, the larger the word will appear.