Level 3: Analyze

Figurative Language Practice


I can analyze why and/or how the writer chose to use figurative language in an example and explain how the figurative language used contributes to the meaning of the text.


Watch the video below all about the power that words have in our language-especially when the words you choose to use are figurative language! As you watch the video, complete the questions along the way, reflecting about how this video helps us to think about figurative language in a deeper, more writer-centered way.


On your handwritten notes page, there is a column for "Why Writers Use It." For each type of figurative language, think hard about why writers might choose to use that type in their writing. What is the purpose of that specific type of figurative language? What is its impact on words, sentences, and text? Add your ideas to each box in that column. See the teacher for an answer key of what else you can add to your ideas.


Watch the video below to learn a bit more about how we can infuse our written explanation of figurative language to include an analysis about why the writer might have used that example to impact their text!
How to Analyze Figurative Language