March 22, 2013 (Vol. 11)

We Will Miss You Miss Mary!!!


  • Mary Hoffman is off to new adventures after 18 years of dedicated service to our school. Tracy speaks for all of us when she said Mary is "hard working, kindhearted, conscientious, loving to our students, highly intelligent, an amazing friend, an exceptional person...You'll be missed." Mary, our sincere thanks for helping make Solana Highlands a special place for students.
  • School Observation Feedback: All students reading at the same time during guided reading giving more time practicing reading, Writing across the curriculum in open ended ways that is connected to the larger theme, Academic Discourse (pair share, collaboration opportunities, partner talk), Math - deepening of concepts, real life application, and learning multiple ways to solve problems, Use of technology in meaningful and creative ways. Way to go!
  • Jeanne Vilsack for presenting our first ever ELAC (English Language Acquisition Committee) meeting! Nicely done.
  • Robyn Hubbard for presenting Love and Logic to about 50 of our parents Tuesday Night! "Turn every mistake or misbehavior into a learning opportunity. The road to wisdom and responsibility is paved with mistakes."
  • Lauren Baumann - For the super cute video on our school ducks with the perfect music.


  • Happy Birthday Linda Brenner! - 3/23
  • Remember to sign out and return laptops and make sure playground equipment is returned if used for PE
  • Close the amphitheater gates after using
  • Have a great weekend and see many of you at Viva Solana Highlands!


As a follow-up to Wednesday's staff meeting, this hilarious Saturday Night Live Skit shows what happens when the teacher, Jerry Seinfeld, does not teach to the objective!
Let's be sure that we are being crystal clear with students what our objectives are. Write it down, review during the lesson, and review during the closure. SWBAT - Students Will Be Able To

Quote of the Week (From Lindsay's room) - Active Participation abounds at Highlands