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June 2015 Team Newsletter/May statistics

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Kristen Pontius

Enrolled ~ July 2010

Senior Consultant ~ May 2011

Director ~ January 2012

I have been married to my husband Robbie since May 2003. I am a stay at home mom of our 3 boys and 1 baby girl. I have my Bachelor's of Science degree in Media Art & Animation. I have put my degree to use by giving art lessons, designing graphics, drawing portraits, painting murals, and of course coloring masterpieces with my children in their color books!

My "WHY"

I signed up to sell Thirty-One because I loved the products and figured I might be able to make a little cash plus save money on my own purchases. Little did I know that I would achieve more than this. My new business allowed me to get out of the house and enjoy some time with my friends, meet new women in the area, and make extra money. We are now able to afford traveling sports for our children and pay for "extras" that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. I have earned TONS of free product, $2400+ in cash cards, and a flat screen TV from Thirty-One, in addition to my regular commission! I have also found higher self-confidence and a better sense of self-worth since becoming a Thirty-One Consultant. My goal in my business is to help other women achieve more than their original WHY as well. It's more than just a bag, ladies!

A note from your Director...

In the past I have talked about doing different trainings for our team, but I did not receive enough responses back from those interested for regularly scheduled sessions. If you are interested in training one-on-one, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can set up a time that works for us both. There is also training available on TOT on a variety of topics that you can complete at your own convenience.

Welcome to the team!

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Thirty-One Today

Check TOT daily for important company announcements. *Challenge yourself to visit the training section at least once a week, there are great videos and 31 minute calls. * Be familiar with the Business Updates before each party.


Party Animals with Personal Volume $500+

Lori Marlin $808

These ladies also earned commissions in May:

Patty Holaday, Tonya O'Donnell, Nicky Henstrom, Erin Peloso, Kris Young, Jessica Shaver, Leah Nelson, Brittany Sears, Joelle Prescott, Sara Eberhard, Shaylyn Foreman

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Team Stats - May

Number on team: 21

Number of parties: 15

Total sales: $7,729.00

Your Director's Stats

Number of parties: 3

Number of recruits: 0

Personal Volume: $1,943

Commission: $717.62**

** If I had not chosen leadership, my paycheck would have been $485.75. **

What could YOU do with an extra $231 every month??

Monthly Specials

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As we get closer to the end of this catalog season, more items will become unavailable! Items on Stop Sell and Discontinued will NOT be available to purchase. Watch the Low Inventory section to be aware of what will be selling out soon.

Typically, if the item is on Discontinued, it will NOT be in the next catalog. If the item is on Stop Sell, it may return at a later date.

National Conference 2015

The biggest party of the year! Registration is NOW open!

Registration is now open!

If you plan on attending National Conference in July, make sure you get registered NOW! Registration is currently $129. Click HERE to check out all things regarding National Conference 2015.
Thirty-One Gifts – 2014 Conference Highlights
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Key Dates

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These exciting events will be held in locations across the country between Aug. 15 and Aug. 22.

August “Better Together” is an opportunity for you to come together with other Thirty-One sisters to launch a successful fall season! You’ll want to be part of the excitement, because you’ll receive amazing training to boost your party skills, practice with others to build your confidence, learn how to use new tools and set goals for your season. And you’ll do all of this while Celebrating, Encouraging, and Rewarding one another, because we’re “Better Together”!

Consultant registration: June 24-July 10

Did You know?

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