Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

BCS Elementary Math

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead.....

What great things are happening in mathematics across our district!

We will be taking your feedback and ideas and revising curriculum maps and tasks to be ready for our 2015-2016 school year.

Thank you for all you have done this year to encourage students' love of mathematics and for supporting strong mathematical thinkers.

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BCS Math Teacher of the Year: Charlene Martin

Congratulations to Charlene Martin, second grade teacher at Hominy Valley Elementary!

Charlene will be honored next fall at the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference.

Charlene is an experienced teacher who shares her expertise and love of math in many roles. She is a DMI facilitator, APLUS teacher leader and has contributed to task writing at the state level.

Here is an excerpt from Charlene's writing: "As the teacher it is my role to plan problems and instruction that will encourage and motivate students to achieve the goals set for them. Students are given authentic, meaningful problems and situations that challenge their thinking. Students apply what they know, make conjectures about what they think they should do, and test their ideas by solving problems in a manner that makes sense to them. Students communicate their thinking individually, in pairs, in small groups, or in whole group conversations."

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Parent Math Website : Coming Soon!

We will begin the next school year with an active parent website that will feature student work, videos and summaries of the math concepts each grade level will be focusing on for each quarter. If you have any "Show Me" or "Explain Anything" clips that you would like to share or examples of student work, please send them to your instructional coach.