My Digital Dossier

By:Vy 7A

My Dossier

My dossier is probably filled because, a dossier is like a footprint where, whenever you do something it would be left behind. In my life i had been doing ,many different types of things that go into my dossier for example I use Instagram, Twitter, Kik, etc. Whatever I say or do on the different types of social media it can be recorded in my dossier. A dossier is not something that keeps all the things people have done in their life, it is also something where they can track you down for an example, if a person goes missing the police or their family can look at their recent calls and or text which can lead them to finding the person who went missing.

What May Be In My Dossier

In my dossier there would be may social medias, text, music, and may more. I use social media the most because it can help everybody stay in contact with people who live far and we can also use it for fun for example Youtube, Instagram, Kik, Gmail and many more.