Saudi Arabia

Geography project

The flag of the country

The meaning of the Saudi Arabian flag is the Islamic state of faith. it is declaring that there is no god but Allah. and because the green is the traditional color of Saudi Arabia. The writing on the from above the sword is where the religious claim is located, written in Arabic.


Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is located almost in the exact center of Saudi Arabia, and right next to the Arabian peninsula.

Saudi Arabia government

Saudi Arabia government is a monarchy. that means one person is in absolute power until he steps down, or dies. This person has absolute power over everything and everyone, and can do anything with no consequences.

Saudi Arabia current ruler

The current ruler of Saudi Arabia is a man named Salman. He is the guy who makes all the laws and chooses the decisions for the country. As for as I know he is actually a nice monarchy, and treats his citizens well.

Arabian leadership

In Saudi Arabia the leaders are not selected. Leadership is just passed on to the next oldest of kin once the current ruler dies.

The GDP of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a rich country and nowhere near the borderline of poor. Right now america is actually buying oil from them because we have run out of oil over here in america. Once Saudi Arabia discovered oil in there country, they became one of the richest country's in the world.

The currency of Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia they use things called Saudi riyal, its just like our dollar bill exept with different values.

Saudi Arabia exports

Saudi Arabia's main export is oil. Almost all of Saudi Arabia is an oil based economy, Saudi Arabia owns 18% of the wolds oil. that may not sound like much but it relay is.

traditional clothing

the traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia is called a thobe, it is a long loose sleeve ankle length garment. in spring and summer thobes are white and made of cotton, in the fall and winter they where darker in color thobes and they are generally made of wool.

Arabian language

In Saudi Arabia they speak an language that is known as Arabic.

Arabian religion

Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia, and it's law requires that all citizens be Muslims