Hero or Zero?

By : Jasmin Rojas

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson disobeyed the Supreme Courts rule and still continued to get rid of the Cherokee. The Georgia militia led the Cherokee out of Georgia. Since the Cherokee knew they would loose if they fought back, they just obeyed the government. The militia led them west to Oklahoma were they would have to rebuild their nation since only 50% survived.

"Spoils System"

The spoils system is giving a supporter something in return, a job, for voting for you. The person gets the job, if they're lucky, even if they aren't qualified for it. President's (Jackson) used the spoils system to get more votes. So by the time the next election comes, the people will vote them to get an easy job.

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina did not like the tariffs Andrew Jackson put/made. They decided not to pay the tariffs but congress passed a law that made them pay their taxes. It was called the Force Bill. The Force Bill allowed Jackson to use the army against them. South Carolina agreed to pay the tariff if they lowered it down.

Political Cartoon

This Political Cartoon is portraying Andrew Jackson as a king. The artist (and many other people) might have viewed Jackson as a dictator because he only followed his own rules. The constitution is also torn up under his feet, showing that he didn't care of what the law said. He also has a paper with the word "Veto" in his hands, implying that he used the power to veto bills often.

Trail of Tears - Cherokee's (negative)

"Our tribe feels left out from the others, no matter how hard we try to fit in, they wont accept us. We were recently told that we had to leave our home to serve the needs of the greedy white men. The fact that the so called president, who seems more like a dictator in our eyes, disobeyed the Supreme Court's order and sent us west to Oklahoma. We can't fight against his army, we will loose more people, all we can do is try to rebuild our nation in the loathed place we have to call home now."

Spoils System - Plantation Owner (Positive)

"I feel very lucky to have won a well payed job. Of course I don't do anything, but I still get payed! Voting for Jackson was my best bet, never thought he would fire people to give back to his supporters. He has my vote next time for sure! Great way to get easy jobs."