Magnifying Malaria

Malaria in Africa... Help Stop it Now!

Causes of Malaria

Malaria has many causes and contributing factors. Malaria is transmitted to humans through the bite of a mosquito. I can not imagine being the death victim of a mosquito, Can you? Malaria can also be caused by poverty. Some people around the world may not be as fortunate as the rest of us and therefore they have no way to pay for medications and treatments available for this life-sucking disease. Malaria also targets the younger generation. Children all over the world are being targeted by this disease. Malaria needs to be stopped or we are all going to watch our fellow neighbors around the world be taken down one by one.

Malaria Jumping In to Action

Malaria is a very widespread and threatening parasitic disease that affects human beings around the globe (World Book 95). Malaria is more common in sub-tropical and tropical regions, making Africa a "hot-spot" on the map. Malaria has many causes, effects, and solutions, but it is a very strong killer, and it is very hard to beat.

Effects of Malaria

Malaira may be taking down people all over, but it also has many other effects. Malaria increases school absenteasm, decreases tourism, and slows economic growth. Malaria is an A-list killer, killing 1 to 3 million people a year (World Book 95). Did you know a child dies every minute from Malaria? What if that was your own child, or loved one that died from Malaria this minute? What would you do? Who would you call for help? Malria effects many peoples lives. These people need help... they need a saving grace. Will that be you?

Solutions of Malaria

Finding a solution to Malaria may seem like a hopeless journey, but there are several solutions. Malaria can be cured with Quinine and similar synthetic drugs (World Book 96). There are also programs set up that help educate people on Malria and preventing the disease and helping the cause as a whole. Protective nets are also another option for protecting people from Malaria. The biggest help of all though comes from the help of others. The journey through Malaria is tough but when you have the world working together it can be beat. Make the difference in the world... Save a life... Save a world!