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Oak Ridge High School's Weekly Update

From the Principal

War Eagle Nation,

I hope this email finds you well. As you know Friday is the end of the six weeks and teachers are working with students to make up grades and get things entered.

Eligibility will change next Friday. If a student is failing a course at the six weeks they lose eligibility for UIL activities. The next time to regain eligibility is October 7, 2021, which is the end of the nine weeks. If a student is passing all classes at the end of the nine weeks, they retain their eligibility on the 14th of October, and would remain eligible throughout the first semester.

For students who are in advanced academic classes, a waiver to the no-pass, no-play rule may be an option. Certain advanced courses allow a student to have a 60 in the course and remain eligible with a waiver. A list of waivable courses and the waiver form will be available in the Principal's office on the Senior and 9th Grade Campuses.

Have a great weekend!

Go War Eagles!

Vapes, Dab Pens, and Consequnces

Schools across the nation, including Oak Ridge, have seen an increase in not only vaping, but the use of THC in vapes and "dab" pens.

Most vape pens use a nicotine based juice in sweet flavors. The vape pens can often look like normal pens or pencils, USB drives, and other common devices as to not draw attention.

THC is usually used in a "dab" pen which is slightly wider and the liquid inside is more syrupy in nature.

When we find a student in possession of a vape or dab pen, we typically will test the liquid in the device for THC. If the liquid tests positive for THC, the student can be arrested, and will be sent to the alternative school for up to 15 days. Students can also have an expulsion hearing if they are found to be in possession of THC.

When a test does not come back positive for THC, we confiscate the device, and notify parents of the student's possession of the vape. A student would typically serve an in-school suspension for a non-THC vape liquid and there would not be a criminal charge.

Please talk with your child about using vapes and also let them know about our anonymous alert app that lets them report concerns in a private way from their own smart phone.

Example of a Dab Pen

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Example of a Vape

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Homecoming Dance

Saturday, Oct. 16th, 8-11pm

27330 Oak Ridge School Road

Conroe, TX

Tickets to the dance are $25 pre-sale (available on school cash starting Sept 27th) and $30 at the door. Students should bring photo ID or school ID to the dance. Guests must be less than 21 years old.

New Tik-Tok Trend Problematic for Schools

If you have not heard of Tik-Tok, it is a video app for smart phones that allows users to upload quick videos, usually to music. A positive Tik-Tok trend is the current "Fancy Like Applebees" videos that are sweeping social media! (No I have not done one of these yet).

The new trend, that again is nationwide, is where students record themselves damaging school property, namely bathrooms, and uploading it to Tik-Tok with the hashtag, #deviouslicks.

Here is an article that explains the phenomenon in more detail:

Please talk to your students about the danger this poses to our school and potentially to their criminal record. Damage to public property and theft are potential criminal acts that could not only include school consequences but fines and potential other issues with the legal system.

P.S. - sometimes I am really glad I went to HS without social media.

Oak Ridge Tennis Starts Season 5-1

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Open House

Monday, Sep. 27th, 6pm

27330 Oak Ridge School Road

Conroe, TX

If we are able to have Open House in-person, it will be on Monday from 6-7:30. A decision will be made before Friday, September 24, 2021 if we are able to hold the Open House in person.

Football Schedule

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Seniors MUST have their picture taken for the yearbook no later than Oct 31st.

Please contact Blu Moon Photography to set up an appointment.


8450 Prine Lane ~ The Woodlands, TX 77354