Dog-Ears: Summer Edition #3

Slackwood' s Summer Reading Splash!

It's Not Over 'Til... September

Is it me or did the month of August sneak up on us juuust a little too fast?! Suddenly we begin to notice the sun setting a bit earlier each day, the "Back to School" ads and displays everywhere and the books we've read all summer being put away. WAIT! What?! Of course we won't do that! Now is the time to savor the last stretch of summer with your kids and carve out some extra time for being together. The memories of childhood summers are the ones we will cherish forever. Why not make reading together a big part of this? Drag out old favorite stories from your childhood to share, retell the rhymes you were once told and sing the songs you love to sing because, before you can blink, September will be here and we will be in full swing once again. Isn't it nice to slow down August, take your time, and make the memories that will last.

Summer Reading SPLASH at Slackwood's Library

Where Have you Been Reading this Summer?

Don't forget to send in (with your parent's permission, please!) pictures of you enjoying your summer reading books! We are going to display all of the pictures in the hallway in September so let's see all of the places you have been reading! Send pics to

Don't Miss Mr.Billy & Mr.Turnbull's Next Online Read-Aloud!

Hot on the trail of the last read-aloud of the fantastic author Mo Willems, Mr. Billy & Mr. Turnbull look to WOW you once again! Tune in this Thursday, Aug.7th, at 7pm for their latest addition. E-mail Mr.Billy to be on the list or, if you have listened in before, you are automatically signed up! Great job Mr.Billy & Mr. Turnbull!

ps- If you LOVED the Mo Willems stories, you'll adore his newest release and it is just perfect for the arrival of the new school year. Check it out!

Summer Reading Feedback

Parents, please check your email or click here: for a brief Summer Reading survey that we are sending out. The survey will only take a minute & there will be a few questions for your child to help out with. The more info we have, the better we can plan for next year! Thank you so much for your support and for spreading the love of reading with your children!

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”― Emilie Buchwald

Thank you for Checking Out Dog-Ears! Mrs. Wallauer & Mrs. Kapp