Mighty Morsels

Helpful snippets for inspiration.

As we develop our proficiency with digital tools, we're able to swim back and forth in the SAMR swimming pool as needed. You can't limit yourself to the shallow end, but you can't always tread water in the deep end.

Most Wanted

Everyone is searching for adaptive software that will help increase differentiation and allow for thorough and high quality data collection. Here are some you might consider.



A Trick for Sharing Videos

1. Find video on YouTube.

2. Click Share and copy the shareable link.

3. Go to Savefrom.net

4. Paste the video's shareable link in blue box and click download as MP4.

5. Drag new MP4 file from downloads file to a Google Drive folder you can share with students.

You can use Google Drive and Google Classroom to share more items and assignments, too!