Mobile Learning - Chrome Apps

Elementary Level Apps


Here are 5 Chrome apps which I feel would be great tools to integrate into elementary classrooms to encourage personal mobile learning.

Sight Words

The Sight Words app is a great way to incorporate technology into a primary elementary classroom. This website provides audio and visual representations of word. On this app, the word levels start at preprimer and go up to grade 3; another great aspect of this app is the inclusion of nouns.

For example, you could integrate this app into a lesson on word wall words. The multiple representations of word, allows students to practice and learn at their own pace, at grade level or at their specific individual learning level.
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Monster Mash Flash Cards

Monster Mash Flash Cards is a online Chrome app which is a great tool for engaging students in learning addition, subtraction, multiplication with the use of interactive monster avatars. With this app, students can practice a variety of math problems continuously. As well, the answer is set up as a multiple choice question, giving students options while trying to work out the answer to the problem provided. This app informs students when they chose the wrong answer and eliminates it from the list of possible numbers until they chose the correct answer.

This app provides students with a game like environment where they can practice their basic math skills. Rather than using traditional paper flash cards, students have the opportunity to interact with online avatars which practicing a continuous stream of math problems. Rather than having students write an exam or complete an assignment, they can work independently through this app and be guided to the correct answer through elimination.

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This Chrome app, Spelling City, has multiple websites embedded into it. A couple examples of what this website offers for teachers is the ability to create spelling tests for their students and select grade appropriate vocabulary games. This website could be a tool used to helped students with their writing skills and improve their knowledge of Language Arts.

Through the incorporation of this app, students have the opportunity to practice sight words, word wall words and take practice spelling tests.


Typing Club

Typing Club is an interactive app which help students learn and improve their typing skills and speed. There are multiple lesson available for students to work through until they feel they have mastered the level they are working on. The app also saves the progress of the students as they move through the 35 lessons. A bonus to this app is it is a free school portal!

There is also a typing game called Typing Aliens Attack which is recommended on this app.

Classroom Integration

Through the use of this app, students can improve their keyboarding skills. Obtaining these skills will help students improve their speed while completing assignments and written projects, on electronic devices, throughout their academic learning and life-long learning careers.


MeeGenius is a website which provides eBooks and categorizes them to keep students and teachers organized. eBooks are a great mLearning tool which provides students with multiple options of reading material for academic and entertainment. eBooks are a great alternative to traditional paper books in a classroom because they provided multiple means of representation. Ebooks allow students to work at their own pace as well as work at their own level with guidance from audio and visual aid.
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Through the use of eBooks in the classroom, students have the opportunity to obtain the information provided in the book through visual text, read along audio and word highlighting, illustrations creating an engaging story narration. eBooks provide the option for interactive reading which may help recruit interest in topics.