Health concerns

Middle Childhood BY: Alyssa Johnson


-Well developed my middle childhood

-Awareness of midrange sound develops

-By 11, most children have auditory awareness of adults

- Number of ear infections decrease

-Structural changes within the body

-Eustachian tube changes position


-by 6, they can read

-ability to focus improves

-many are farsighted

- most are nearsighted

-the more time children to close up work, less they will become nearsighted


-children start losing primary teeth

-first teeth to fall Is central incisors

-by age 12, all primary teeth will replace the "baby" teeth

-the teeth will gradually become accommodate

-tooth lose makes some children self-conscious

-tooth decay is a major health problem

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-25% of obesity affects middle aged children

-can affect child's emotional health

-may have fewer friends, or last to be selected into groups

-may lack self-esteem

-some have over weight parents

-may be inherited

-environment can be contributing factor

-may be caused by family stress

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