The boy who saved baseball.

By:Brianna Woodbury


You have to believe in yourself and have confidence.

Del Gato

 He seems mean but he is actually really nice and cares for people. He reminds me of Mr.Gustuson.

How Tom grew through the story.

Tom started out in the beginning of the story scared and he could not stick up for himself but at the end of the story he was bold and stuck up for himself before it was to late.He grew in a positive way.

Most exciting:

At the end after the terrible death that had happend .Doc had wrote to Tom in his favorite notebook that he could do whatever he wanted. I thought that was a good way to end the book because that way the story ends happy. I was happy at the end of the book but sasd when Doc died.It did not turn out the way I thought,I thought there was going to be a bad ending and the other team would win.

Who I thought was a here and why?..............

Tom He is the one who hit that ball that nobody caught. So he won the game for them. Then he traded spots with Maria and helped her.During the story he became more bold so he could stick up for himself before it was to late and that is why Tom is my hero.