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March 2022 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

Hard to believe it's almost Spring. Before you know it, it will be Outdoor Band season again - but not so fast! We've got a several weeks of exciting winter activities ahead.

Good luck to every single one of our competing students and groups! You make us PROUD!!

In this edition:

  • Community Performances & Spaghetti Dinner
  • Dinner Volunteers Needed
  • ISSMA Solo and Ensemble & Jazz Results
  • Winter Activity Update/Images
  • Parents - Winter Activity Help
  • Re-Branding Has Begun
  • Dues are Due
  • Band Booster Board Elections
  • Laundry & Dish Detergent Order Form
  • JOKE!
  • Quick Calendar Links

Stay Involved - Stay Safe - & Stay in the Arts!

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Junior High

March 10th - Instrument Sign-Ups for 6th Graders at NPI

March 18th - 7th and 8th Grade Bands - ISSMA Performances at Fall Creek Valley MS

Full NPJH Calendar Link

New Palestine High School

March 24th - 6:30PM - Audio Theater & Winter Guard Community Dinner & Performance - NPHS Cafeteria - Tickets are $10/pp - See below for additional information

April 22-23 - times TBA after Spring Break: ISSMA Concert Band Festival for all NPHS Bands

April 26th & April 28th - 6:00PM - 9:00PM - Color Guard auditions for Marching Band

May 18th - Spring Awards
May 19th - Spring Concert

Commencement Performance - Mandatory for all current Intermediate and Advanced band students. Details TBA

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First Annual Community Dinner and Performance Night

We are going to begin a new tradition at New Palestine High School. Please invite friends and family to our first annual Community Dinner/Performance Night!!

On Thursday, March 24th, The New Palestine Band Boosters will be hosting a spaghetti dinner prior to our Community Night performances.

  • Doors open for dinner at 6:30pm
  • Dinner tickets are $10/person (+ service fee)
  • Kids 5 & under are free!
  • To be sure we have an accurate head count, it is highly encouraged that dinner tickets be purchased online, ahead of time (link below)

Cadet Winter Guard, Varsity Winter Guard and Audio Theater will be performing their entire routines starting around 8:00pm. No ticket is needed to watch the performances.

Hope to see a packed house to give our kids some thunderous appreciation and applause. If you have not attended our Community Performances before, the excitement/energy is thick in the air. We really have AWESOME Percussion and Guard programs.. and we really have AWESOME fans and parents.

Hope to see everyone there!

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Volunteers Needed for Community Night

We will need about 25 volunteers to help set up and facilitate our first Community Night Dinner.

Please help us make this a memorable event by signing up for a slot below.

Your help is appreciated more than you know!!

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Congratulations to our ISSMA State Solo and Ensemble participants!

Bethany Aldridge - Flute Solo - Gold

Isabella Marshall - Clarinet Solo - Gold

Noah Maple - Clarinet Solo - Silver

Brayden Laird - Alto Saxophone Solo - Gold

Nicholas Engle, Jacob Morgan, Aidan Canny, Brayden Laird, Grayson Browning, Jacob Royer - Saxophone Sextet - Gold

Katherine Poorbaugh - French Horn Solo - Silver

Rebecca Buchanan - French Horn Solo - Gold

Bradley Tully - Tuba Solo - Gold

Bethany Blachly - French Horn Solo - Gold w/ Distinction

Ethan Poorbaugh - Marimba Solo - Gold w/ Distinction

Oliver Bindewald - Marimba Solo - Gold w/ Distinction, Perfect score

Congratulations to our ISSMA Jazz Bands!

Congratulations to both NPHS Jazz Combos and to our after school jazz band!

All three ensembles traveled to Greenfield Central this past weekend to perform at the ISSMA Jazz Festival and gave really energetic performances.

Both combos earned Gold ratings and the after school ensemble earned a Silver.

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Winter Guard Update - WGI Indy

The Varsity Winter Guard completed their first regional weekend of the season in February.

The preliminary round of the WGI Indianapolis Regional had 23 A Class Guards from across the Midwest competing for a spot in Finals. Our NPHS Varsity squad advanced to the Finals and secured a 6th place finish from their Sunday performance.

Congratulations to Varsity on their outstanding performance!

Varsity Winter Guard

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Cadet Winter Guard

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Audio Theater

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As the end of the season approaches, our groups will still help getting to/from as well as on/off the performance floor. Each weekly competition requires about a dozen parents/adult volunteers to help get done what it takes to keep our groups operating at a high level.

Hauling equipment/props.. chaperones for bus and school monitoring.. loading/unloading props and gear.. pushing props to staging areas.. meal organizers.

It's a lot of work, but the VIP access to the inner workings of these activities - knowing what your efforts mean to our kiddos and the programs - and to see the looks on our kids faces after a great performance - it's well worth it.

You're (hopefully) already attending the shows. Please consider stepping up to help the cause a few times this season. If you have any questions, please reach out to your activity instructors. Thanks!

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Re-Branding Has Begun

Thank you to one of our awesome sponsors, Wrap House, for helping to get our Guard trailer lettered up with the new logos!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more visual upgrades!
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Whether you are new to the program - or if you are graduating Senior this spring, it is extremely important that any outstanding balances are paid.

If you have any questions about your balance, or if you have no idea what your dues/balance may be, please, please reach out to our student accounts coordinator.

Please and thanks! :)

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Elections for the NPHS Band Booster Board takes place in the spring.

As is the case every year - each seat on the board will be voted on, and awarded to the person that receives the most votes.

Band Booster seats and an uber-brief summary:

President - leads meetings and keeps the direction of the program on track

Vice-President - supports the Prez where needed

Secretary - records the official minutes for board meetings

Treasurer - counts all (ALL!) the beans ;)

Student Accounts Coordinator - tracks & collects student dues

Concessions Coordinator - makes sure our responsibilities for concessions are handled

Sponsorship Coordinator - manages our awesome sponsors and looks for new ones

Community Liaison - manages emails, social media, and the band website

The Board meets once a month to be sure all is well in the land of our portion of the NPHS Performing Arts. If you'd like to take the next step in pointing the direction of our program, please consider running for a seat.

Stay tuned for more information & thank you for your interest!

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FUNDRAISER: Laundry, dishsoap, and trashbags

Thank you to everyone that continues to order from this fundraiser. Your continued support of our program is awesome. If you haven't tried it, go for it!

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What rock band has 4 members, but none of them sing?

... Mount Rushmore...

Ba-dum... Tssss....

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