Study Abroad

Keri Cornelison

Once in a life time chance to learn first hand.

You will have the opportunity to study the economics of social democracy from the inside with this 11 day trip to Copenhagen.
Copenhagen, Denmark Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions


Day 1 - Depart for Denmark
Day 2 - Arrive and walking tour of the city
Day 3 - Visit the Copenhagen Business School
Day 4 - Visit 2 local businesses
Day 5 - Spend a day in Malmo Sweden
Day 6 - Visit the History of Socialism museum
Day 7 - Visit Microsoft campus during the day and Tivoli Gardens that evening
Day 8 - Travel to Belund for Lego Land
Day 9 - Carlsberg Museum
Day 10 - Free day
Day 11 - Depart for home