Executives News

Aug 12, 2013

A new website for PAC?

Hello everyone. My name is Natalie Wong. I will be responsible for the website and newsletter for the new school year. I am very excited to be part of the team and am looking forward to working with all of you.

I started brainstorming for the newsletter and quickly realized the website needs to be cleaned up so we can keep the newsletter short by linking to the website. The plan is simple - organize the existing files, add a couple new pages, create some navigation links on the right, and update the front page. However, after 20 hours of running into obstacles after obstacles*, multiple emails and phone calls with SD43 IT, and still going nowhere, I have to consider my options.

I found Edublogs - a blogging service for education. Below is a 6-minute screencast to give you an idea of what it can do for us.

*In case you are wondering, the problem is a combination of permission restrictions and awkwardness from SharePoints - the system behind all SD43 school sites.


Give it a spin!

Go ahead, create new posts, leave some comments, imagine the possibilities!

APAC Demo Site

Username: apacdemo

Password: demo

How much does it costs?

The Pro version is $39.95 per year, which gives us more than enough storage and features to have an easy to use, professional website. Since Edublogs supports multiple sites, we can even have a password protected site just for exec members for updates and collaborations, reserving PAC meetings for face to face discussions.