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Monday, March 15,2021 100% In-Person RETURNS!!!

From the Desk of Principal Woods-Wallace

Hello Middlebury Families,

The time has come to welcome scholars back in-person 5 days a week! Classrooms have been arranged and the building is continuously sanitized to ensure that scholars return to a safe learning environment.

Families are reminded that we ask that scholars are released from their cars or walk in by themselves to decrease the amount of excessive foot traffic in the school. We will continue to follow all of our safety precautions with requiring face masks and temping scholars before they proceed in the building.

As a reference, please be advised of the times we start and end school:

  • Breakfast - 8:00 am - 8:30 am
  • Instructional Day - 8:35 am - 2:55 pm
  • Dismissal (Walkers) - 2:55 pm
  • Dismissal (Car Riders) - 3:00 pm

In addition, we have RELAXED our dress code thus allowing scholars to wear clothing that is school-appropriate. Garments that should not be worn to school include, but are not limited to:

  • Clothing without inappropriate images or vulgarities
  • Revealing clothing
  • Ripped garments that show intimate areas of the body
  • Sagging pants
  • Hats inside of the building
  • Open toe shoes
  • Any other attire that is considered inappropriate for a school setting

To read about more provisions and expectations of our scholars, please take a moment to review the Virtual Open House Presentation that is included in this newsletter.

We have also created new classroom groupings to accommodate our scholars. Effective Monday, March 15th we will have the following classroom cohorts and teachers:

  • K/1st Grade - Ms. Kirkman
  • 2nd/3rd Grade - Ms. Ritch
  • 3rd/4th Grade - Mr. Sloan

Our scholars that will receive new classroom teachers will also receive new bell schedules. If you encounter any problems with locating your scholar's teacher, please call the school at 330.752.2766 and we will assist you.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our families for your faithfulness and trust in the work we are doing for scholars. We understand that we cannot do this alone, so your support and efforts are greatly appreciated!

Let us all have a positively IMPACTFUL week!

Yours in education,

Ms. Woods-Wallace, M.Ed.

K-4 Grade Scholars Families Please READ!

March 15, 2021

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Dress Code

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  • Scholars are expected however to avoid the following attire:

    • Clothing with inappropriate images or vulgar language

    • Revealing clothing

    • Ripped clothing that reveals intimate areas of the body

    • Skirts or shorts that are shorter than a scholar’s arm length

    • Open toe shoes

    • Sagging pants

    • Any other garment that is inappropriate for a school setting

Virtual Open House Presentation

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Summer Advantage USA - Coming Soon!

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If you are a MOTIVATED, ENERGETIC, OUTSPOKEN, and INNOVATIVE, then we are asking you to consider a job position with us as an ENROLLMENT COORDINATOR!!!

We are currently accepting applications NOW! If you are interested, contact Middlebury at 330.752.2766 for more details!

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Parental Recognition is in Order!!

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We would like to recognize one of our DEDICATED mothers who is committed to ensuring that her scholar is LOGGED on and ENGAGED to his virtual classrooms EVERY DAY!!

This week we honor Shirl Adamson!! We honor your dedication to ensuring that your scholars are present and can gain access to the instruction!!!

Middlebury Has A Celebrity Amongst Us-- "It's Zippy"!

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Our Middlebury Celebrity is none other than Mr. Wallis! As a student of the University of Akron, Mr. Wallis also served as the school's OFFICIAL mascot! He also had an opportunity to meet sports celebrities and appear in a small role on an ESPN commercial!


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Enroll at bit.ly/MiddleburyKinder

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Calendar of Events for March 2021

March 15 ...................................100% In-Person Instruction for All Interested Scholars

March 18 ...................................Student-Led Conferences (NO SCHOOL FOR SCHOLARS)

March 19 ...................................Staff In-service Day (NO SCHOOL FOR SCHOLARS)

March 22 ...................................Ohio State Testing Window Opens (On-line)

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Enrollment is still open, so reach out to us today and join the Middlebury family! If you are already a member of our family, please share our schools' name with family and friends who are looking for standards-based instruction from teachers who have scholars best interest at heart. Additionally, we provide follow-up assistance to scholars that are not only on campus, but for those who are learning virtually.

We also have trauma-informed staff at our school, waiting to provide that extra layer of support to our scholars that have had adverse childhood experiences. These qualities and many others is what makes MIDDLEBURY ACADEMY THE RIGHT SCHOOL OF CHOICE!

Call 330.752.2766, come in to see us, or click here to get registered online!

Have Questions? Contact Us Today!

Middlebury Academy is a tuition-free elementary charter school located in Akron, Ohio. We opened in August 2013, serving scholars in grades K-8. Middlebury places high importance on safety and civility. These are core to having a good learning environment and building character.

We have a project-based learning curriculum philosophy that incorporates new and emerging practices and technologies, such as chromebooks and tablets. We view the entire world as our classroom and will have a variety of face-to-face, virtual and other learning activities outside of the school.