Corina Garcia & Marleny Sosa

Important Events in Behaviorism

  • 1863 - Ivan Sechenov's Reflexes of the brain was published. Sechenov introduced the concept of inhibitory responses in the central nervous system.

  • 1900 - Ivan Pavlov began studying the salivary response and other reflexes.

  • 1913 - John Watson's Psychology as a Behaviorist Views It was published. The article outlined the many of the main points of behaviorism.

  • 1920 - Watson and assistant Rosalie Rayner conducted the famous "Little Albert" experiment.

  • 1943 - Clark Hull's Principles of Behavior was published.

  • 1948 - B.F. Skinner published Walden II in which he described a utopian society founded upon behaviorist principles.

  • 1959 - Noam Chomsky published his criticism of Skinner's behaviorism, "Review of Verbal Behavior."

  • 1971 - B.F. Skinner published his book Beyond Freedom and Dignity, in which he argued that free will is an illusion.