Why did the Pope move to Avignon?


The French Pope moved his residence from Rome to Avignon. They tried to move the residence back to Rome but it took a long time to return to the Rome


The residence of the Pope was moved from Rome to Avignon from the Pope Clement V because his election was influenced by the French king, Phillip IV. The residence was moved to Avignon in 1309 and it was moved back to Rome in 1377. When the residence was moved back to Rome, the Pope tried to abolish the corruption in the Catholic church.


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The manuscript was written by Petrarch in 1467 in Florence (at the time, this city was the center of anti-papal activitie). The letter was written in form of protest due to the fact that the residence of the Pope was moved from Italy to France. The fact that the residence was moved was called “Babylonian Captivity” because it was compared to the fact that the Jews were held as slaves by Babylonians. The Pope was held as “prisoner” from the French king.