December 1st



We will solve one step problems involving multiplication within 100 using pictorial models.

I will create and solve a story problem using an equation and a pictorial model and justify my answer by showing my solution. CW


1. What do you predict the last number will be if we count by 2s?

2. What information was given? what was missing?

3. How can we represent the information into an equation/picture?


We will identify and understand the purpose of text features.

I will explain how I used a text feature.

Activity- Provide a variety of nonfiction sources, newspapers, TFK, online articles- set up rotations with each different type- locate, identify, and discuss the features purpose.


1. Why do think writers use bold, italics, and highlight text?

2. Why is it important for the reader to analyze these text features?

3. Explain how you identify and use each feature.