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Week of September 18, 2023

Hi team!

Our Leadership Team meetings are in full swing now. Here's some updates from each team:

  • SLT prioritized our work for this year. This team's main focus area is on student goal setting over the course of this year.
  • Instruction and Systems Team also prioritized our work for this year. They'll be leading our focused note taking efforts.
  • PTA met last week and calendared out our events for the year. Our PTA leader is Lori Johnson with Chantel Plummer, Neva Gambill, and Michelle Ritter also attending to speak for Ross and our needs. We get so much out of PTA that we can't do on our own, including $400 teacher grants and $200 paraprofessional grants, teacher appreciation, family activities that we're not on our own to plan (like Carnival, which will be held at Ross this year making it easier for us to set up), and field trip money. If you have ideas for special projects that we might want at Ross, like a Buddy Bench or Buddy Tree, bring them to Lori, Chantel, Neva, or Michelle R. to bring to the PTA.
  • Culture Team meets Tuesday morning. On the agenda is CAST and prioritizing our work for the year, which will include work on our parent communication and family events.

On Friday afternoon, I'd like to come and review the Leadership goals with each class and give students who earned it their rewards. I'll send you a calendar invite and you let me know if that window of time works. When I come to 5th grade classes, I'll bring CAST applications with me from the Culture Team. They will be due Friday, Sept. 29 with teacher recommendations due the following Wednesday, Oct. 4. I hope to review applications over the long weekend and tell students on Oct. 10 who made it.

Speaking of Leadership...we have 8 parent or community volunteers to help run Lunch Clubs. We currently have 10 regular clubs or special events scheduled. Students are proposing lots of great clubs (and some sort of amusing but still earnestly sweet clubs).

Thanks, everyone, for being so engaged in the work we do here together. I love watching individuals and our team grow!



Ross Staff Hub

Click here to get to the Ross Hub for all our Google Docs

Meetings and Upcoming Events



Culture Team meeting (agendas in boxes)


Sp Ed Meeting Day



PD (bring your focused note book)

  • 15 minutes--Laura will work with us on our gradebook set up
  • 15 minutes--Push In Survey and collab


PLC (input data in the WIN spreadsheet prior to coming and bring your STRIVE folders)

  • Collab on WIN Reading groups--bring your STRIVE folders
  • Reading WIN starts Monday, Sept. 25


Board Game and Chess Lunch Club in room 5 (Courtney Bunn volunteering)



5th grade Leadership Awards in classes and CAST applications


4th grade Leadership Awards in classes


3:45-5:30pm in room 5 (Lisa Edmondson volunteering)

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Students must have a permission slip turned in to stay after school

September Value: Leadership

Click here for details on our PBIS monthly values (also linked in the Hub).

September Value: Leadership

Leadership Opportunities for Students this Month

  • 4th graders--propose and host Lunch Clubs (each proposed club must come with a parent volunteer)
  • 5th graders--apply for CAST (Culture team meets on Sept. 19 to revise the application and then we will roll it out to students)
  • 5th graders--Library help (Glenna will reach out about this)

KMS CAST will be coming in October rather than September. Instead, on Friday, Sept. 29 from 11:00-11:45am, we will have a NED Yo-Yo Assembly. See the calendar invite for more details on how this will work with lunch times.

This week, I'll visit to classes to record the Leadership YouTube video and celebrate with students that:

  1. Met the goal(s) they set.
  2. Kept track of their Leadership papers.

For 5th grade, that's also when I'll deliver CAST applications.

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