Scientific Method

Paper Airplane Lab

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method Uses 7 steps.These steps are used to solve most problem or questions in the world.

Paper Airplane Lab

This is an example of a way to use the Scientific Method.

!. choose a problem.

For Example: My question would be , How Can i make my paper plane fly farther?

2.Then you would do some research on the paper plane.(you do this by observing you paper plane like for example: you can measure its length, height, width, and weight)

3.Make a Hypothesis!!

4.Design an experiment to test your hypothesis.(In the paper plane Lab we launched our plane and measured were it landed and found the average)

5.Test your Hypothesis ( perform your lab and record your data)

6.Organize your data ( you can organize it in many ways in a chart)

7.Draw Conclusions (analyze your data and share your results)

Experimental and Control Groups

The Experimental group has one variable that is different than the control group.The Changed Variable is called the Independent Variable.

For Example:The sweetness of brownies is DV vs. How much sugar is put is IV