Peek of the Week 2/8/16

Great teachers LOVE kids learning!

Principal Message

Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes! I want to thank you for your kindness towards our students and colleagues. We work too hard not to LOVE what we do! This week we continue to have benchmarks for 4th and 5th grade. Great job on benchmark round #1. Most importantly, great job motivating kids to do their very best! It's going to be another successful year.
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PD Feb. 15

Talk to your grade level chair about the expectations for this day! Get as many conferences scheduled after 10:30, you will not need to turn in parent log until end of February.


Tutoring funding is available for 2nd-5th grade. Thank you to those who continue to support our students through this program. If you are getting started, please see Mrs. Davis on the paperwork.

Attendance Meetings

Schedule them and evite Patty, Tami or Marla. One of us will accept it. If you schedule them on 2/15, we are available as well.


Thank you to our rotations teachers who have worked with students on cafeteria procedure and manners. The cafeteria was a hot spot and it is evident that your reminders and expectations make a big difference!

Kuddos for Souper Bowl. It was the best soup in town!

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

MEDC and IStation

Please turn in your MEDC and I-station reports for February!

Student Display....Objectives clear and posted

Teachers: If you have not changed out your student work for February, it's time to show it off before Feb. 15th. Student display is not only a place to brag about your student's work but also speaks volumes of the creativity and activities you do that target SE's. Keep up the good work.

Copy paper

What we are trying seems to be working so we need your help., If you have not turned in your 7 reams, please do so by this Tuesday. Per Mrs. Davis, your number will be disconnected and you will not be able to copy after Tuesday. Team effort and keeping everyone honest.

RTI 1-5th

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 8am

RTI room

Wednesday and Thursday! This is the last round.